Lawn care

Boy, it sure has been a long spring. Its not too often that we get snow in may. luckily, the snow and the cold is over so we can focus on the real issues. lawns. If you are like 99% of the people in Iowa, your lawn could use some work. Here is a list of lawn problems and a fix we have for it at Cappel’s

Crabgrass – Halt’s Crabgrass Preventer/Scott’s Turf Builder with Halt’s Crabgrass Preventer/Scott’s 4 Step Program
Dirt patches – Sod (Coming this Friday to Cappel’s)/Grass Seed (Iowa Sun & Shade, Kentucky Bluegrass, etc.)
Weeds/dandelions – Ortho Weed B Gone

Maybe you have a nice lawn except it cannot be mowed since your mower is broken. Here at Cappel’s we can give your lawnmower a tune up, fix it, or sharpen the blade. We also sell Toro mowers if it is time to upgrade your mower.

Whatever your lawn needs, come to Cappel’s Ace Hardware and we will get it done!

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Spring is (Finally) Here!

Finally, the time we have waited weeks and even months for. Spring! It looks like we will actually get the spring all of us in West Des Moines wanted. With the 70 degree weather coming up this weekend, its time to get some work done.

Maybe you want to get grilling. Stop by Cappel’s Ace Hardware and get all your grilling needs. With a large new assortment of grilling seasonings and sauces like Gates Bar-be-que. Maybe you need a grill, well Cappel’s cam help you with that too thanks to the new Weber 2013 grill lineup. Maybe you want to change the way you grill and get a Big Green Egg smoker. Come in to Cappel’s and we’ll help you out with that!

Weber Spirit 2013What if its time to get the lawn in order? Cappel’s Ace proudly stocks the best Scotts lawn care items. Its not too late to apply Step One in the Scotts Four Step program. We also have a large amount amount of rentable lawn care equipment like tillers and aerators.


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Let it Snow! Winter Deals At Cappel’s Ace Hardware.

Will it or won’t it?  That’s the million dollar question this week.  Will we have a white Christmas here in WDM?  Well, it may be the million dollar question, but you can be prepared for under 10 bucks!  We’ve got a great deal on an Auto Scraper / Shovel combo through the end of the year for just $9.99.  Check it out:



That’s just one of the great deals going on right now through Christmas and the end of the year at Cappel’s, so grab our December flyer and come on in to check it out.

We’d like to thank our customers and friends for making 2012 a great year, and we wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas!  We hope to see you this week at the store to check out what we’ve got for making winter easier, and helping you fill those last-minute stocking stuffer needs. Thank you from all of us at Cappel’s Ace Hardware!

The Holiday Deals are Just Starting at Cappels

So…why are you sitting there reading this?  Shouldn’t you be shopping?  All kidding aside, you really should come into the store today and check out our Black Friday deals.  We are having great coupon specials all weekend long, and fantastic deals on items throughout the store.  Tons of lights and decorations, stuff for  Mom and the kids, and this great deal on one of our best DeWalt tool sets, $80 off at $99.00 this weekend only!  So stop reading and head on into the store.  Be sure to download our flyer and grab our coupons first.  But after that, get a move on.  We’ll see you here!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Cappels Ace Hardware!


Black Friday Deals

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20% off for Black Friday at Cappels

Well….it’s here.  It’s Black Friday week, and we are helping you decide where to shop and making it very easy to head over to Cappels this Friday morning.  Download our Black Friday flyer and clip our coupon for 20% off your entire purchase before 10AM!  Now that’s a great deal!

It’s not the only coupon either.  On Saturday, you can take 50% off any one item over $30 all day long, and Sunday lets you take 10% off your purchase all day long as well.  So grab the coupons, grab the flyer, and head on over for all the great Holiday deals starting this Friday morning at 8AM.


Black Friday Coupons

It’s Pre-Pre Holiday Time – November Deals at Cappels!

Well,it’s that time of year again, it’s the time before the time before the holidays.  The pre-pre holiday time, if you prefer.  It seems like it gets earlier each year, but it’s great for our customers, because we get some great deals in the weeks leading up to the official launch of the holiday season.  We have some early Christmas decoration deals like your choice of  either white or multi colored, 100 count heavy duty icicle lights for $9.99 so you can stock up and get your decorations ready to go.  Pair those up with power with deals on our outdoor power stake for $12.99 and you can save $8 on our outdoor mechanical timer.  There’s plenty of other great, non-holiday related items like our 24 pc. Rubbermaid storage set for $9.99, saving you $9 off the regular price.

Check out all the great deals and download our November flyer here.  Take your November back and get yourself in the pre-pre-holiday mood.  Watch this space for other great deals this month, including our Black Friday specials coming soon!

See you in the store!

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Cappel’s Ace Hardware: It’s Time to Stock Up!

Time to Stock Up Oct. 10-15th


It’s time to stock up at Cappel’s Ace Hardware, everyone!  We have lots of great deals going on this week through the 15th of October, including $5 off your purchase when you spend $25.  Great deals including your choice of a First Alert Household Fire Extinguisher or a First Alert Smoke Detector for only $9.99 (after mail-in rebate).  It’s one of our October RED HOT BUYS, so come on in the store now and check out all our great deals.

Click here to download a copy of our special RED HOT BUY flyer for October 10th-15th and we’ll see you in the store!

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It’s Time to Get Your October Back!

Check out our great specials all month long while you get your October back at Cappel’s Ace Hardware.  We’ve got specials to help your fall cleanup chores like Hefty trash bags for $5.99, and our garden ake combo pack for $14.99 that includes a 26″ leaf rake and 8″ shrub rake.

Click this link to download a PDF of our October  specials, and watch this space for more great deals all month long.

We can’t wait to see you in the store!  Stop by and say Hi to all the helpful folks at Cappel’s.


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Watch This Space!

Hey everyone!  Just a quick update to let everyone know that our October flyers will be here this week.  Download your PDF copy of our October monthly and weekly specials right here on our website and on Facebook.  We’re looking forward to seeing all our friends in the store this month for some great deals!

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Cappel’s Ace Hardware: It’s Time To Get your March Back!

Hey everyone!

Well, Spring is almost here, and we say it’s Time to Get your March back!  What’s that mean?  It means great savings on all your spring cleaning and gardening needs.

This sale, going on now at Cappel’s, runs through March 31st and features tons of great bargains to get you moving ahead on all your Spring projects.

Click on the link below to download a PDF of our ad and check out all the great deals yourself.

Cappel’s Ace Hardware March Deals


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